Apr 6, 2011

Oh, and one more thing...

Don't forget Kokonut Kult - the new club saluting old time tikibars, beautiful burlesque artists and live music! Tickets are on sale now, go get yours from Tiketti!

Here's some more information:
Hear the luring whisper of the tropics and surrender yourself to the hypnotic sounds, wild moves, exotic tidbits and dangerous curves...

Kokonut Kult is new club combining live music and burlesque. Each night has it's own theme, which leads the audiece into the Mondo Exotica: May 19th TABOO, 30th June FRUIT BOWL and August 25th DEMON NIGHT @ Kokomo Tikibar, Helsinki.

The priestesses of Kokonut Kult are BETTIE "Hellsinki Hellcat, Queen of the Firetassels" BLACKHEART ja KIKI "Creature of the Tropics - Passionate and Unstable" HAWAIJI. Steaming hot rhytms are served by Ismo Laakso Psychoboogie Explosion feat. Petri Bäckström together with visiting DJ's.

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