Jul 4, 2011

Life couldn't be better!

The summer holiday started last week with a boom aka Kokonut Kult's Fruit Bowl -club starring Gold Dust, Kitty Litter, Honey Pomelo, Rudie Ruthless, Gigi Praline, Olivia Rouge, Bettie Blackheart and myself. What a fun, tropically sweaty and crazy night we had - thanks to everybody!
GoldDust in the kitchen of Kokomo Tikibar.
We also had amazing competitions with cucumber carving and wild twisting! The lucky twist winner  was Ismo "Mr. 1000 Pin-Up Girls" Laakso from Ismo Laakso Psychoboogie Explosion feat. Petri Bäckström - our houseband, which is going to release their first album soon! And I've been lucky to have a chance to design the covers etc.

On Friday July 1st me and Bettie Blackheart performed at the Helsinki Pride Women's Club in the unique settings of restaurant Kaivopuisto.  We also met David Hasselhof and Danielle - Gemey top model from 1996.
Bettie & David
Kiki & Danielle
And yesterday, me and Bettie bought tickets to Moscow - woohoo! Our friend Masha de Bordeaux lives there still for a while and I'm so excited to visit her! And the city of Moscow is going to be mind blowing, I'm sure of it! Exclamation point! Exclamation point! Exclamation point! 
Masha & Soviet times.
 And a lot of new super exciting events where I'm going to perform are being planned - more of these a bit later on! Have a great holiday, I'm off to countryside!
Me blossoming at the Kokonut Kult. Photo by Gigi Praline.

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