Sep 23, 2011

Finnish Burlesque Gala 15.10.2011

Less than a month and it's time for the Finnish Burlesque Gala - it's going to be one heck of a spectacle! The line-up is equal to crème de la crème of Finnish burlesque and a viewing of what exactly is Finnish burlesque. I'm so excited!!!
If You haven't got yourself a ticket yet, I highly recommend to do so at Tiketti - the tickets are selling F A S T and no wonder, this is the first time domestic burlesque is being presented in this scale!
If You happen to live in Turku,  hop on the burlesque bus! Combo price for the return ride & the ticket to gala is 50 euros. Sign ups and more info from kikihawaiji (ät) OR turkuburlesque (ät) 
Masha de Bordeaux, me and Bettie Blackheart
at the Cosmonaut Museum in Moscow, 2011.
 I'm just now working on a new performance, which is inspired by the visit to Moscow this summer. And obviously Juri Gagarin. And space.
I know, my hand is f****d up in the photo. Still learning the right way!
So come and see me & Sugar Kane ( UK/FIN), Hell Monty, Holy Curves, The Finnish Blondes Burlesque Troupe, The Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret, Honey Pomelo, Stella Polaire, Welma Jackpot, Misty Carnifex Polaire, Cherry BonBon & Larry Mood, Thee Dizzy Daisies, Rudie Ruthless and Bettie Blackheart on stage mid-October!

Sep 15, 2011

At the Fair & In the Bank

Perfomance Art Bank is a database that presents current Finnish performance and Live Art. It was published to the audience yesterday at the sales exhibition of contemporary art Art Fair Suomi.
I'm listed in the database as Suvi Aarnio and got invited to perform at the opening. I made a crazy version of my Blossom act involving a lot of playing with earth and ripping my thighs :) And as you can see I had loads of time to fool around in the "backstage".
Anyways, I recently noticed that Tigger! described himself as stripperformance artist. What a wonderful definition! Many of my acts are inspired by the past and yesteryear stars of burlesque but occasionally I've felt a bit strange to call some other acts as burlesque or to be more precise, art of tease.
In one hand, I think the world is already drowning in definitions, terms and classifications but on the other hand, it's wise to be aware of different styles / phenomena / etc. and especially, to be aware of what one herself is doing.

Sep 13, 2011


I've been looking for a new hobby, preferably something to do with dancing for a long time, but haven't found anything that I really would like. Then I remembered, my dear friend M has been going to flamenco classes and I decided to sign up myself.

I might be as stiff as these dancing dolls but who cares! The first lesson was yesterday and among many, many new and inspiring moves & rhythms and I think the most unforgettable lesson was that woman's boobs should point up and out like bull's horns. I'm going to remember that from now until the very last day of my life.

The photo above is from the book and exhibition Mil Besos: 1000 Kisses by Ruven Afanador - a fashion and portrait photographer based out of New York City. This woman represents so many things I want to be now and a bit older: strength, style, attitude and beauty.
Next weekend I'm going to an intensive course of Hawaiian hula.  I love the teacher Kirsi, who have danced in fabulous, Helsinki based Mana 'O Laka for many, many years. It's going to be fantastic too!