Sep 13, 2011


I've been looking for a new hobby, preferably something to do with dancing for a long time, but haven't found anything that I really would like. Then I remembered, my dear friend M has been going to flamenco classes and I decided to sign up myself.

I might be as stiff as these dancing dolls but who cares! The first lesson was yesterday and among many, many new and inspiring moves & rhythms and I think the most unforgettable lesson was that woman's boobs should point up and out like bull's horns. I'm going to remember that from now until the very last day of my life.

The photo above is from the book and exhibition Mil Besos: 1000 Kisses by Ruven Afanador - a fashion and portrait photographer based out of New York City. This woman represents so many things I want to be now and a bit older: strength, style, attitude and beauty.
Next weekend I'm going to an intensive course of Hawaiian hula.  I love the teacher Kirsi, who have danced in fabulous, Helsinki based Mana 'O Laka for many, many years. It's going to be fantastic too!

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