Oct 8, 2011

K is for Kiki & the Kosmonauts and E is for Excitement!

There are butterflies flying not only in my stomach but all around! One week from now, it's time to return to the place where it all started back in 2008. 
HBF 2008 by Laura Kansanen-Stavale. More photos from Flickr.
I can still feel the panic a few minutes before the doors opened - getting my makeup done, putting the false eyelashes on with shaking hands (probably for the 5th time in my life) and Bettie helping me with my hairdo. All done in the toilet, for god knows why.
Black Peider by Empa Rodriguez.
In the end, the night was a huge success, with the most beautiful people in the world, fabulous performers (Sugar Kane, Miss Anne Thropy, The Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue, pick up by Olivia Rouge),  ever so amazing band the Skreppers as well as MC Black Peider - my favourite wrestler, singer/songwriter and comic artist.
The Amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue, photo: Laura Kansanen-Stavale.
If You feel like taking it down the memory lane, Helsinki Burlesque's Flickr has wonderful photo collections of every party and festival! But what I was going to say, was that the venue of HBF'´08 Restaurant Kaisaniemi will also be the venue of Finnish Burlesque gala - the first & biggest showcase of Finnish way of doing burlesque. Everybody, from the performers to the ones, who've celebrated with us from the beginning, is going to be there (and so should you, the tickets are selling f-a-s-t-!).
As I've already mentioned, I'm making a new act, inspired by cosmonauts, visit to Moscow, conquering new worlds and colorful parades. 
I've been working with the costume and used colors, I've never used or even liked. But when combined with my favorite things such as pom-poms, fringe and Swarovski, it doesn't really matter.
Even soup de tassel was made.
In addition to the excitement of the new act, I'm super thrilled about the burlesque bus trip we are going to make from Turku to Helsinki. There is a group of 30+ local burlesque enthusiasts hopping on and I'm convinced it's going to be the ride of our lives!
Until then, have  a lovely weekend!