Oct 18, 2011

Lost in Space.

First of all - the finest book of the year is OUT - now go and get it! Burleska Bastarder aka the story of Hootchy Kootchy presents the fabulous years of wonderful club based in Stockholm. Incredible photos, jätte intressant esseys (på svenska) and an amazing graphic design. What else can you ask from a book!?
I had a chance to perform at Hootchy Kootchy's Russian Passion Club in 2010 together with the Hulapirates Kabaree. And when I finally got the book, I found out that amazingly talented artist Marcus Mårtenson had created a family tree for the book, with us in it too! Super!

Unfortunately, I've got to wait for more tranquil and less busy times for being a book worm and actually reading the book (good practice for my rusty swedish skills too!). So meanwhile, here is something else to share with you.  The Finnish Burlesque Gala finally came on the Oct 15th 2011 and what a fine night it was! And day too, since our Turku Burlesque -bus took off already in the afternoon from Turku.
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, photo by ever so lovely Jaana Korhonen.
Our chauffeur Auno was quite a character but unfortunately after little Helsinki style "parking" disasters,  a couple of fallen traffic signs, almost crashed Audi and a few phone calls to police he didn't feel like joining the party! What a shame, I'm sure he would have loved it - like everyone else!
Here are lovely Tuta & Sammy, again immortalized by Jaana! The gorgeous couple are just about to open Turku Tattoo Parlour in Turku (obviously) - can't wait to get my whale finished with Tuta! Follow the link and you'll find details how to book appointment etc - I highly recommend both of them!
And here are me & Rudie Ruthless with the guys and girlies from Hell Monty. I wish I had a friend photo with Babu Gee - the newest MC phenomena in Finnish burlesque scene. But I guess You'll be hearing from her later :)
Kiki in Kosmos by Jari B. Miettinen
Kiki in Kosmos by Jari B. Miettinen
Kiki in Kosmos by Jari B. Miettinen
And like promised, I premiered my tribute to 60´s space travels and Star Trek which in this case meant balloons, misplaced wigs, camel toes and bras opening themselves like some malevolent creature from outer space would have been playing with them.
Kiki & Full Moon by Kerttu Malinen
 Next weekend it's time for Halloween and oh boy, do I have some very special tricks & treats coming up! But before that, I'm going to lock myself into my studio and finish a little video footage for a certain little exhibition later this year. Until then, heippahei!!