Nov 14, 2011

Burlesque & Bible

is equal to a wonderful new(ish) magazine, Burlesque Bible, which finally arrived in the post today! In the latest issue, you can read a bit about my thoughts too.
Oh, the photo makes me long for winter! And snow, which I call nature's own glitter. At the moment it's dark like in a sack already in the afternoon, which results in experiments like pictures below.
Passion, 2011
My other half is having solo exhibition in December and we've been making video versions of my burlesque performances - a whole lot to do with death, dance, grotesque & camp.
Blossom, 2011
Luckily this weekend, I can escape the darkness with fellow Hulapirates & fabulous Fiona Timantti to the city of Joensuu! We are performing in bar Kerubi and Joensuu Art Museum as part of the Rokumentti  - rock documentary festival.
Here we are - Kiki & Bent in Tallinn having so much fun :
 Don't you just love travelling with friends? I know I do!