Nov 25, 2011

Pipesmoking pineapple is here to stay!

And party! On Dec 3rd we are going to have an amazing lineup at the club "Pipesmoking Pineapple's Burlesque & Drag spectacular"!
On stage, straight from the glitter covered maitolaituri, the one and only Laila-Annikki Koivunen! Gorgeous bombshell Lola Vanilla! The sparkliest of them all, Sunshine Addison!
The hotter than hell couple from Helsinki, Bettie Blackheart & Frank Doggenstein! Sweet and tasty Honey Pomelo! Yours truly, Kiki Hawaiji
Plus a bonus set of surprises, which I will reveal on my birthday - the very same day when we can open the first window in our x-mas calenders!

And while You are waiting for the date, go and visit the wicked new place in town - Turku Tattoo Parlour! They are selling our tickets too!