Dec 23, 2011

Are your greetings seasoned?

On behalf of myself & Turku Burlesque, I wish You Merry Xmas and even more glittery, wonderful and fabulous year 2012! If you want to take a peek of Xmas á la Case de Hawaiji & Satan, you can do it here, here, here, here, here, here or more simply, just go and visit my other blog Mondo Dis'n'Dat.

Dec 13, 2011

Gingerbread Parade

Freak Show by Kiki.
Last year was exceptional in many ways. But as Xmas is coming, we want to remind you of our wonderful adventures with ginger bread dough. The dough, which in our hands and under the guidance of gingerbread gods transformed into a freak circus massacre with ladies cut in half, world's strongest men & to the heart breaking tragedy about the devastating power of fire, which the gingerbread house number 13 had experienced.

So when you look at the gingerbread dough - what does it tell you? What do you see? Where do the lumps and the smooth surface after a little touch of rolling pin take your thoughts? To the wilderness of nature or highways of an asphalt jungle, to the haze of pink clouds or deep depths of an ocean? Is it 3 legged deer peeking from behind the tree, disfigured hedgehog or a cat with no ears?

Let your hands, rolling pins and cookie cutters lead your way to the gingerbread parade, the kind of one has never experienced before! All your creatures are welcome, so please, do post a photo to our Gingerbread Parade event wall and give a crazy Xmas greeting to us all! 

Please, do spread the word!
♥ Kiki & Bettie

Bettie's tragedy with house number 13.

Dec 10, 2011

The Dance of Death

View from the gallery
Suvi Aarnio, my other half is having an exhibition at gallery Å, in Turku. It's open until the end of year 2011, so if you've a chance, please stop by!
Joka hetkessä asuu ikuisuus / The eternity lives in every moment, 2011

About the exhibition: "Joie de vivre and fear of death intertwine with folkore and popculture, leading us to the macabre shortcuts of subconscious, to the thin borderline of dreaming and being awake. Works created with embroidery and video present chaotic ideas of afterlife, the crushing power of nightmares, carnal death having a feast and randomness, we expose ourselves to every single moment."

Dec 4, 2011

What a feeling!

Dear goddess of burlesque, the audience, the performers, Dynamo & everyone involved, THANK YOU for yesterday!
Unfortunately this is the first of the only 2 photos I took all evening. Jari & Jac as Bananarama Boys after their fabulous performances as Lola Vanilla & Sunshine Addison. 
The second one doesn't do justice to the fun we had either! Here, the deceased queen of the firetassels, Bettie Blackheart looks like she is levitating. 
But no worries, me & the infamous pipesmoking pineapple are plotting new stuff already! Expect to hear from us if not soon, then later!
But if you are looking for something do next week, why not pop in to the opening of my other half's exhibition "The Dance of Death"!
Or hop on the burlesque bus again! The fabulous ladies of Pieni Burleskiklubi are arranging a trip to Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012 on Sat 18th February from Turku. You can find more information about the trip from Facebook event.
Or if none of the previous interest you, try learning Finnish by reading about me-me-me in the local newspaper. What ever you decide to do, have a fabulous week! Love!