Dec 13, 2011

Gingerbread Parade

Freak Show by Kiki.
Last year was exceptional in many ways. But as Xmas is coming, we want to remind you of our wonderful adventures with ginger bread dough. The dough, which in our hands and under the guidance of gingerbread gods transformed into a freak circus massacre with ladies cut in half, world's strongest men & to the heart breaking tragedy about the devastating power of fire, which the gingerbread house number 13 had experienced.

So when you look at the gingerbread dough - what does it tell you? What do you see? Where do the lumps and the smooth surface after a little touch of rolling pin take your thoughts? To the wilderness of nature or highways of an asphalt jungle, to the haze of pink clouds or deep depths of an ocean? Is it 3 legged deer peeking from behind the tree, disfigured hedgehog or a cat with no ears?

Let your hands, rolling pins and cookie cutters lead your way to the gingerbread parade, the kind of one has never experienced before! All your creatures are welcome, so please, do post a photo to our Gingerbread Parade event wall and give a crazy Xmas greeting to us all! 

Please, do spread the word!
♥ Kiki & Bettie

Bettie's tragedy with house number 13.