Feb 23, 2012

Over the rainbow and back / HFB´12 PART I

Last weekend we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Helsinki Burlesque Festival. In addition to wonderful program full of workshops and exhibitions, the festival offered a superb selection of parties from the Fiery Warm Up with Satan's Angel's Storytelling (17/02)  to the two nights full of of glitter & glam during weekend of Feb 18-19th.
I don't have words to describe the excitement, the honor and the privilege of having a possibility to spend time, listen to and talk with a legend such as Satan's Angel.  Or to have a close look (and touch!!!) at her famous Indian costume, made by another legend, costume designer Hedy Jo Star.

Photo from here: http://oldnewcharm.blogspot.com/2011/12/
Speaking of costumes, I only recently found out that some of Carmen Miranda's (I'm-drooling-already) fabulous costumes were designed by Edith Head. The picture above is from here book "How to dress for success". Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

But if you put gorgeous and costume in same sentence, one has to bring up Hedo Luxe! His slogan "I came to save you from boredom and ugly clothes!" couldn't be more fitting as he is one of the most creative, nice and crazy person I've met for a while.
Photo: Mats Õun   
Unfortunately I missed the duet he made together with another unbelievably talented creature, Scotty the Blue Bunny. But don't blame me, I was on a secret mission for a very.important.person. And luckily, me and you can have a look at wonderful photos of both evenings for example from here >>>
If you have a chance, Pinkki Paplari is more than worth a visit!
My personal HBF´12 tradition every year before this has been a total panic about my hair. I'm not that experienced with d-i-y hairdo's. However with useful tips by World Famous *BOB*; I've managed to survive with wigs but this year I wanted to do something else. 
Our new duo "The Retards"
I booked an appointment with amazing Anita from Pinkki Paplari hairsalon in Helsinki. And oh boy, did she save me from bad feelings, panic, work and crying! We had Frida Kahlo's hairdo in mind and I think the only sad moment during the festival weekend was on Sunday, when I had to take it down. 
Welma Jackpot, the MC, is wearing her wig with attitude!
A little bit of crying was however made already during the rehearsal of Erochica Bamboo and more during her performing. She is the definition of WONDERFUL.
Photo: Mats Õun
There were so much to emotions, experiences, good people, laughter, to see, hear and feel that it still doesn't make any sense. Therefore I'll quit with a photo of Fifi Hawaiji, my new act with help from Rudie Ruthless, Lucie Goodness and Welma Jackpot. 
Beauty Contest at HBF'12. Photo: Jari B. Miettinen
I'll be back!