May 19, 2012

Burleskinsituutti goes Sexhibition

Preparation 1: Nametags
Preparation 2: Banner
The venue: Cable Factory in Helsinki
First sight
Prestigious teachers of Burleskinstituutti: Bettie Blackheart & Tinker Bell
Show time.
At the radio with Bettie.
Bettie installing the photos of Finnish Moulin Rouge from 1950´s to our booth.
Another one of our prestigious teachers: Lola Vanilla.

Lola Vanilla & Sandy Jungle
My burlesque family.
Trying to keep my excitement inside - massive failure!
Night grill aka back home after 20 hours of work. Good night!

May 16, 2012

I've got crabs!

Here is a clip of my new act "Spring Seilorette". It was premiered last weekend at the Helsinki Burlesque Spring Awakening - a fabulous night full of friends, new acts by fellow performers, scarecrows, Finnish Swedish G*L*A*M*O*R (yes, that's right - glamor straight from the markets of Moscow)!

This is how our house looked a couple of weeks before the event.
I can only admire the patience of my boys M & M.
Serious begging with Welma Jackpot.
My crab suit.
Bent trying on our scarecrow costume.
The last waltz or tango.
Results like this, make one believe the tens of thousands of euros put to our academic art education weren't wasted...
Bent van der Bleu as the Dionysos
Friends, they are the lifesavers.
24 hour party people: Titania & Bent

May 2, 2012

Shooting with stuffed animals

One of the finest spots in my home town is definitely Turku Tattoo Parlour. And last Sunday me and my fabulous tattoo artist Tuta had photoshoot at the place! Badgers, bunnies, parasols, educational boards, fur, opium pipes and matching leopard zentais. Here is a little preview of the set!