May 16, 2012

I've got crabs!

Here is a clip of my new act "Spring Seilorette". It was premiered last weekend at the Helsinki Burlesque Spring Awakening - a fabulous night full of friends, new acts by fellow performers, scarecrows, Finnish Swedish G*L*A*M*O*R (yes, that's right - glamor straight from the markets of Moscow)!

This is how our house looked a couple of weeks before the event.
I can only admire the patience of my boys M & M.
Serious begging with Welma Jackpot.
My crab suit.
Bent trying on our scarecrow costume.
The last waltz or tango.
Results like this, make one believe the tens of thousands of euros put to our academic art education weren't wasted...
Bent van der Bleu as the Dionysos
Friends, they are the lifesavers.
24 hour party people: Titania & Bent

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