Jun 24, 2012

Sea, islands & sun á la FInland

It might not be tropical, but exotic for sure. Even for a local, who hasn't got that many possibilities to take a sail boat and go to the sea.
Thanks to our friends, midsummer 2012 was spent in Turku archipelago sailing from one little island to another.
In a beautiful sunshine, which burnt the most ridiculous tan lines ever to all of us. Hello Panda! Hello fingers! Next stop is nudist beach, i say.
Midsummer in Finland is something of  a spectacular. Or at least it is supposed to be. On one hand, it's about funny tricks like running around naked and hiding flowers under your bed to see your future partner in dreams, burning bonfires at the seaside, dancing around flower trees and just celebrating with friends at the summer cottages.
 Then on the other hand, it's about getting totally pissed, getting into fights and feeling sad 'cause after midsummer, the summer is already gone.
But it's not over!  Not even if the day after taking these photos, the temperature dropped down to +10 Celsius. But luckily my patteries went down and I have no documentation of that. Therefore, enjoy the rest of Finnish midsummer photos!
Boat shelter in Salavainen Island
An old mill in an island
Puppy love in an outdoor toilet aka huussi
Traditional midsummer birch tree decorations on boats
Classic style
Flower fields

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