Nov 6, 2012

Hello November!

After being a busy bee with Turku Burlesque Weekend (you can walk down the memory lane here, thanks Burlesque Finland) and actually the whole autumn, I suddenly notice it's November! 
 We've had our first snow already, I've bought new crazy lights for our X-mas tree, performed here and there, visited friends in Stockholm, got starstruck by John Waters and started a 5-week intensive course with a wonderful bunch of burlesque newbies!
 I got a lovely surprise from Sweet La-La girls in form of pipesmoking pineapple earrings - aren't they great!!
It was also finally time to celebrate Masha getting married and throw her a bachelorette party - fabulous photoshoot with supertalented Pin-Up Helsinki crew and after, a clowneria workshop with comedienne Minna Kivelä aka Welma Jackpot (see photo of her as Miss Moneypenny later on).
 A long weekend escape and trip to Stockholm was a much needed change! Got to meet dear old friends and this little waterlicking lady named Lisa + a little bit of partying at Stockholm Burlesque Festival!
 Here is Bent's official lost in Stockholm -tourist photo.
 At the Moderna Museet, I saw a Russian sci-fi propaganda film from 1920´s! Unbelivable costumes, storyline and all!
 And bought friends for my whale - a lion, a cat and a tiger. Plus a sad pear for Monday morning coffee.
 After enjoying the light that came with snow, it was time for a reality check. Rain, rain and more rain. It'll probably never stop.
 Here is Welma - she is my favorite girl!
 And yep, probably the only all male group with 7 members - let me introduce Hell Monty from Helsinki starring Titania Hill. They were performing at Helsinki Burlesque Festival fundraiser event Finnish Burlesque Gala.
 And so was I, with my bananas!
 I think having John Waters in Finland, seeing and hearing him in the same room must have been closest to religious experience I'll ever get. Also the closest to Divine. But he must be quite tired of talking about her? What do you think?
 I have his signature. What should I do with it?
 And a wonderful Nightvisions shirt, illustration by one and only Petteri Tikkanen!
 Oh, here is Maro the dog enjoying snow!
 And here is a photo which describes that we really were in between seasons for a while.
 The wedding of Masha & Max meant a wonderful end for the month.
 An old dance hall full of friends, laughter, cotton candy, booze, dancing, love and good energy!
 Not to forget about Randy & Jesus!
And the fact, that this photo got me my very own cotton candy machine! Already tried it yesterday, worked great! Have a great november you all!
Love, K

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