Jul 25, 2013

Turku Burlesque Weekend is getting closer!

And  at the Neon Light Safari club, under the electric moon and glittery palm trees, you'll be entertained by these wonders of the world:

the Luminous Pariah (USA)
Hedo Luxe (GER)
Rubyyy Jones (UK)
Miss Cairo (UK)
MC Leila Halkeama
Holy Curves! - Albine A. Dorable & Olivia Rouge
Mari Nade
Candy Carousel Company - Dixie Muffins, Jezebel Eden, Miss Hollie Doll, Lilith Lace, Serafina Secret, Selina Sunshine, Patricia Von Bleu, Lippy Honeybun & Tex Willner
Hell Monty - Frank Doggenstein, Mia Li Moon, Bent van der Bleu, Max Logoff , Randy of Finland & Mela Lugosi
Finnish Blonde Burlesque Troupe - Mimi de FrouFrou & Lafayette Lestrange
Femmes Furiosos
Miss Charming Daisy
the Valentino Sisters - Lolitah Love & Sea Breeze
Kiki Hawaiji
Pick up: Mrs. & Mr. Von KaleDJ: Miroslove Satan

+ the fabulous new comers of 2013 will be published in August - there are so many applicants, i can't even believe!!
See the whole program for the weekend and buy the tickets if you wish from the website www.turkuburlesqueweekend.com!

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