Dec 15, 2013

Kaamos & Coconuts!

Hei there, long time no activity here! 

I've been super busy with teaching, performing, doing art and whoo hoo celebrating love and life!
It was my 35th birthday a couple of weeks ago AND my bachelorette party. It was almost too much of good times, friends, laughter and emotions, it makes me happy that it only happens once in a lifetime!

Being a big fan of folklore, kitschy souvenirs and Rupaul's Dragrace, you can probably guess the theme of the party. I was dressed up as a souvenir doll - the craziest hair accessory ever and the make up was made by Anita from Pinkki Paplari. She is the one behind my Helsinki Burlesque Festival hair-dos and i can highly recommend her!

It is so rare that we get to spend time together, well not in peace and quiet but without the usual work hassle. The best gift ever was to have an evening together at Saslik, one the best russian restaurants in the country, enjoy mind blowing Tsarist russian food and sparkling wine - obviously and just talk and laugh and relax! 

Another surprise was a visit by photographer Qumma - for such a long time I have wanted to work with him and finally it happened! And i'm so happy with the results, he is bringing a totally different angle to Kiki's normal craziness! 

And speaking of friends, good times, unforgettable moments - have you got yourself tickets to the sparkliest, funniest, most glorious, hysterical, fabulous and wicked party of the year? It's Helsinki Burlesque Festival time again soon and the tropical tornado will take us to the burlesque wonderland in a blink of an eye! The tickets are selling really quickly so make sure to buy yours now from Tiketti!

There are other things bubbling under the surface but more about it later...
Wishing you wonderful, glitter covered holidays and all the best for 2014!

Love! K

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