Jan 30, 2014

Love is in the air!

Ihanaa rakkaudentäyteistä alkuvuotta kaikille!  Omasta häähumusta selvittyäni, on aika iloita muiden morsianten kanssa. Kevään ja kesän 2014 polttaripajojen buukkaus on lähtenyt hulinalla käyntiin, joten jos haluat tarjota rakkaimmalle ystävälle jotain erilaista, hersyvän hauskaa ja viekoittelevaa, tartu tilaisuuteen nyt. Kyselyt sähköpostitse kikihawaiji@gmail.com!

Häät-lehden talvi-kevät 2014 numerossa.

Ohjaajana toimii Kiki Hawaiji
(Turku Burlesque, Suomen Burleskinstituutti)

And now, it's time for the love story & the wedding post of my own!

Hubby and I have been together for almost 7 years and engaged for past 4. Or 5? You should really ask him, 'cause i am terrible with dates & numbers of all sort.

We met at the very first Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art-School night in Turku back in 2007, when M was covering for the DJ who had turned ill. Not many words were exchanged but we really loved the music he was playing (that's the official story) and so we invited him back for more Dr. Sketchy's clubs and eventually for Helsinki Burlesque Festival in 2008. 

The reason why we didn't get married earlier, is simply that we just never got around to do it. It also didn't feel significant but due to sudden and in some occasions sad events with our related party, we thought it is a wise thing to do. And i must admit, it feels wonderful to form a legal family of our own!

Here we are with our wedding gift T-shirts
from Satan's Angel - Queen of the Firetassels

WHOA! Let's make this happen!

I must admit, I'd rather produce a 100+  burlesque shows than weddings! My god, so many little things to remember, to do and to worry about!

Obviously the first thing was to set a date and we chose January 11. Just so that we (read I) might be able to remember it better in the future - we are so practical, hahah! The second task was to find a suitable venue and oh boy! the variety in prices, locations and styles! We chose a former train station outside our city, nowadays run by a village association. Such a cute little wooden house by the tracks!

Pink flamingo checking the station the day after!
(Thank you for the gift Sakari & Anti)

As the venue being related to travelling and us being totally nuts about folkore, kitschy souvenirs, soviet styles and space, these became the loose themes for the wedding. I'm not a big fan of strict dress codes or themes in any parties (read: I'm never able to follow them), therefore we wanted to be inspired and inspire others too with all sorts of odd & fun things!

And WHOAAAAAAAAAAHHH I might have gone just a tiny bit crazy with this and that! Nevertheless, bear with me - this was the perfect time to try all the craft stuff i haven't had time to do before. And the best part of it all, i didn't have to think one minute of other people's well being or higher artistic purposes like i have to do at my daytime work as a community artist! 

These little "pärikore" baskets were done using old magazines.
A wonderful idea of pinata surprise cookies turned out
to be a disaster!
Old rag carpets as tableclothes. And pom-pom!
Suits every occasion, if you ask me!
Neon cones!
Blowing my own trumpet here a bit but don't you think
this is the prettiest usage of post-it notepapers?
A little hint of Japan here too!

The invitations  had two lovebirds by the tree of life,
a common symbol in Polish paper art
Using copy paper and old magazines for these decos.
Cookies in funny little bags!

We had booked a silhouette artist to cut portraits of each guest
but unfortunately just before xmas she had an accident and wasn't able to come.
So i painted this Soviet inspired backdrop & little props
for people to photograph themselves at the wedding.
Something for the gift bags!
Every one of us sometimes needs a good pinch?
Something for the gift bags!
Panic button -magnets might come handy.
Something for the gift bags!
These acorn dudes ended up on match boxes.
And finally, I got a chance to use Mexican papel picados!!

Bachelorette party

Some one said that the friends one has, tell a whole lotta about the person self.  In that case, I must be the luckiest and most fortunate girl in the world! And I don't say this just because they threw me one heck of a bachelorette party ( a super special thanks to my maids of honour, Bettie & Elina)  but because it's true! And i feel it everyday!

The BEST people in the world by Qumma!
Although Randy, my parasite brother is missing!
The delicacies at Russian restaurant Saslik....oh my!
My make up (done by Anita @ Pinkki Paplari) imitated
the last doll in the souvenir factory, whose make up stamp
had gone a little off target :D

Getting there - THE dress!

You might have an idea already where this is going! And if you thought I'd be wearing a white, smooth, classic style dress, You obviously don't know me that well! One of my longest love affairs have been with the art of embroidery and i use it in most of my own art works. And who are the best in the world doing embroidery? The Hungarians!

I was especially excited to find these vintage images! I mean how amazingly gorgeous are these women, their dresses and all? I'm in love!!

Luckily I have talented ladies around me, who are able to fullfil my dreams without hesitation! Rhia the Evil Dressmaker made me the blouse and the dress and Fiona Timantti the headdress. Love you both! The apron & the vest were ordered from Budabest.

A sneak peek!

The big day!

Many people said I won't remember a thing about the wedding day 'cause it's soooo hectic, busy, emotional and all.  It's sort of true, but luckily there is a massive amount of pictures (and selfies) to go through afterwards!

Testing the table decorations before packing them!
Shit loads of stuff!
Five minutes before I do!

 And then, here we go!

Maro and the best man are anxious to get things rolling!
Walking down the aisle with my dad while M's bandmate,
a brilliant pianist  Silja was playing
the theme song from  the Star Trek: Next Generation.

There was a matryoshka maracas in my flower bouquet!

M had the first taste of the cake " Vähä liian tuhtia = a bit too chubby" -
by Gaggula! And look at those figurines by Bettie Blackheart!

A little dance was involved too. Neil Young's Harvest Moon
performed by great new friends Väinö Grön.

The plastic swan punch bowl
is always with us at the best parties!
We played bingo and drank Russian sparkly wine!
And Welma Jackpot made people do
crazy things they won't regret!
Like eat cones.

 A riot took place when our friends Maria & Anssi aka Stereo8000 played! And the photo booth worked fine! There are still 9 disposable cameras to be developed...but that only means I can stay inside the pink bubble for a longer time!


I want to thank each and everyone for one of the best day so far!
And joyous greetings to those, who weren't able to join us - we'll see soon again!
(That goes especially for you Trixie & Fancy, love and miss You!)

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