Mar 4, 2014

One heck of a tornado it was!

I just got back from Helsinki Burlesque Festival´14 and oh boy! i can only wish you were there too! What a wonderful explosion of exotica, colours, glitter, mayhem, butts, big probs, laughter, hysteria, hurry, love, little sleep and a ridiculous amount of fun! I think these photos sum up all that pretty well,  check out for more photos from Helsinki Burlesque Festival FB-site!

Photo by one and only Neil Kendall
And another with crazy faces by Tuomas Lairila!
And even though there are loads of fun parties during the spring and summer (I'll be on stage next time Sat the 8th March at Teerenpeli Tease in Tampere - come say hi if you are nearby!) my thoughts and eyes are all about TURKU BURLESQUE WEEKEND! Most of the performer bookings have already been made, a few hooks have been thrown and oijoijoi! it's gonna be superduperparty!

LOVE! Kiki

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