Sep 4, 2014

Paljettipommi exploded & Turku Burlesque Weekend takes place in a month!

Happy mother is doing great after giving birth to the first ever Finnish burlesque zine called Paljettipommi! You can read the first issue online from here and see pics from the launch party from Facebook!

Also, another baby is about to pop out! Turku Burlesque Weekend is getting closer and You can see all the sparkly stars of the craziest event in Turku for a while from the Turku Burlesque Weekend'14 website!

As a sneak peek, here are just a few  of the stars!

Trixie Malicious (UK/CAN) by Bohdan Cap

Thee Dizzy Daisies (FIN) by Jirina Alanko

Abortia Cliniqué (FIN/UK)

Lilly Snatchdragon (UK)

The Ravishing Shangri-la Rubies (FIN) by Asko Rantanen

Tinker Bell (FIN) by Tuula Ylikorpi

Lola Vanilla (FIN) by Tuomas Lairila

Sandy Jungle (FIN) by Jirina Alanko

Linnea von Kattendam by Ville Kekäläinen

Cherry Turrrbo-Cherry Dee (FIN) by AskoJonathan Photography

Father McTigger at PS 122 for Avant-Garde-Arama's "The Wrecking Ball" June 2011

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