Dec 11, 2014

A few shots from the "Travelling Doll"-series

This year has been super challenging - a huge amount of work (which I'm grateful for) and wonderful achievements (giving birth to a Finnish burlesque zine Paljettipommi and having Tigger! visit our tiny town - just to mention a few) but also too many, uncomfortable occasions, where one should have proved her worth and not always succeeded. But in the end, i figured out that even if there is fewer people who like my doings, they are totally worth me continuing to be me!

As a result of all these ups & downs, I declare the year 2015 to be all about fullfilling some of my own personal dreams and travelling is the biggest one! Oaxaca, Budapest, New York - you are on my list (ok, maybe not all during 2015, but soon I hope)!

To make these dreams feel a bit more realistic, I spent an afternoon with the photograper Suvi Kukka Kärkkäinen - Suvi2K @ Studio FON - a multifunctional space, where one can get photographed with a bunch of wonderful props, take yoga classes and or even my weekly Coconut Boogie burlesque class!

Although the studio is equipped with wonderful treasures, I dediced to take a few from my own souvenir collection...I have a serious addiction especially for vintage dolls - for my wedding, I even wanted to dress like one! So here you go, a few shots from the "Travelling Doll" -series!

Dec 10, 2014

Hello Darlings!

This site is going through some renovations as you can see! Meanwhile you can go and check the fresh Kikilandia where you can find information about Kiki herself, the Finnish Burlesque Academy, the burlesque zine Paljettipommi and activities of Turku Burlesque. Have fun and please, pop by again! LOVE, Kiki